One team, many opportunities

We are an employer which provides the opportunity to pursue professional ambitions. Our successes and development are based on the potential and professionalism of employees representing various competences and experiences. See for yourself that ORLEN is a place just for you!

Business fields


We administrate real estate, fleet, and business travel. We support employees in their daily duties by providing correspondence service, catering services as well as comfortable and safe working conditions.

Audit, Control, Security

We care for the safety of employees and business. We analyze, control processes and rules, and manage risk. We take care of supervision and data protection. We value diligence and reliability.


We are driven by the development and new technologies. Together with us, you can reshape the international energy market.


We are responsible for planning, management and stock exchange reporting, business controlling, business financing and taxes. We carry out our work at the highest world level for which we are appreciated by prestigious financial organizations.


We create a workplace of exceptional importance - we implement modern solutions and the best market standards. We shape a modern organizational culture and create attractive working conditions and environment. We support business and our employees in everyday activities - we advise, recruit, and develop the talents and competences of team members, contributing to the implementation of the long-term strategy of the company.


Our solutions impact all processes and employees of the ORLEN Group. We design, develop and manage infrastructure, systems and user support applications. We ensure the security of industrial processes and implement solutions supporting retail sales.


We plan and implement investment projects within the infrastructure of the production plant and fuel terminals. We shape the future by helping to set new paths for the Group's development.


We coordinate supply chain planning and logistics in transport by sea, rails, roads, and pipelines.

Marketing, communication, CSR

We develop and implement marketing strategies and campaigns, conduct product, business, and corporate communication, and strengthen the positive image of the Group in the public opinion. We develop internal communication channels within the ORLEN Group and implement social, charity and sponsorship projects.

Environmental protection and health and safety

We manage environmental protection, monitoring of industrial processes, take care for the safety and health of employees, suppliers, and subcontractors. Our unit of the company fire brigade is one of the largest in Europe.


We support business in numerous projects, negotiations, and ongoing activities. We employ ambitious lawyers, advisers, and trainees. Our strength is knowledge, experience, and continuous development of competences.


The area of the Płock refinery and petrochemicals consists of over 2,000 people of various professions and generations. We take full advantage of the opportunities offered by one of the most modern plants in Central and Eastern Europe and strengthen the Group's market position.


We are responsible for the wholesale of refining and petrochemical products, energy, and gas trading as well as retail sales. We are constantly developing our offer, implementing new services, and catering and shop formats. Our ambition is to create the market and constantly develop our offer in response to the needs of our clients.

Strategy and development

We face the challenges of tomorrow. By monitoring market trends, we create long-term development plans for the Company. We think strategically and innovatively. We are fuelling the future, operating on the border between business and science.


We conduct comprehensive procurement projects supporting business in providing services in all purchasing categories. We are involved in projects of an exceptional scale and scope, and our specialists have experience in the implementation of procurement projects, category management and process optimization.

Supply chain management

We plan and optimize the operations of the Company, from production and distribution to procurement and sales. We operate flexibly, by adjusting to the current market conditions and maximizing profits. We aim to utilize our potential in full.