Electricity and thermal energy

PKN ORLEN’s combined heat and power plant, with a nameplate capacity of 2024MWt and 359Mwe, is the largest industrial co-generation plant in Poland. The main generation blocks consist of 8 steam boilers fired with local liquid and gaseous fuels and 6 turbine assemblies. The turbine operation is further enhanced by reduction and reduction/cooling stations.

The plant co-generates heat and electricity for the needs of PKN ORLEN’s plant and for other users sharing the premises. The plant is also the only source of thermal energy for the Płock municipal heating system. 

These operations are conducted under six licenses awarded by the Energy Regulatory Authority, covering the following areas:

• production of electricity
• distribution of electricity
• trade in elextricity
• heat generation
• heat transmission and distribution
• trade in thermal energy.

Please have a closer look at PKN ORLEN’s offering pertaining to the power production and distribution services. 

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