ORLEN Group invests in rail freight development

​The ORLEN Group is to add new rail tank cars to its fleet that will be used to carry refinery and petrochemical products. The purpose of the ongoing procurement procedure for 2,000 cars is to meet the requirements of current and future logistics operations.

As a result of the procedure, rail tank cars will be leased for PKN ORLEN and its subsidiaries ANWIL, ORLEN KolTrans and UNIPETROL.

“The procedure to procure rail tank cars is our response to sales volumes rising fast. With a centralised approach to tank car leasing, we are harmonising the standards of business cooperation with external partners across the ORLEN Group. This will help expand our base of business partners and optimise costs, strengthening the competitive advantage of our supply chain,” said Agnieszka Trębicka, Head of the Direct Procurement Office at PKN ORLEN.

The demand is for different types of tank cars to be used for hauling refinery and petrochemical products, including light/middle distillates, heavy fractions, aviation fuel, and PTA.

Lease periods will vary from one to seven years, depending on the time horizon of freight plans in place and the proposed terms of business.