Biofuels and biogas

ORLEN intends to increase biofuel production x10 to 3 million tonnes in 2030. We also plan to produce 1 bcm3 of biogas, thus substantially increasing our production capacity, using among the others the franchise model.

ORLEN aims to strengthen its regional leadership in alternative fuels by implementing a number of significant investments in the production of biofuels, including HVO, co-HVO, UCOME, lignocellulosic bioethanol, biogas and biomethane. These investments, by 2030, will allow ORLEN to increase the biofuels production to about 1 million tons per year, thus reducing the carbon footprint of our fuels.

Several projects are also being carried out under the ORLEN Południe’s strategy until 2025 aimed at transforming the Trzebinia refinery into a biorefinery. Read more on ORLEN Południe’s website.