Digital transformation

Powering the future. Sustainably.

At the ORLEN Group we have launched the Digital Transformation Programme, which is designed to promote solutions based on emerging technologies across the organisation and to support projects showing the greatest economic and environmental potential. We need to take a broad-based approach to digital transformation, encompassing projects, processes and competencies.

ORLEN’s expert report ‘No decarbonisation without digitalisation. Sustainability needs digital technology’ issued on December 2nd 2021 discusses how digital supports decarbonisation. 


No decarbonisation without digitalisation

Key digital technologies

When used sustainably, digital technologies can serve a meaningful purpose like decarbonisation of the economy.

Digital transformation supports decarbonisation of the economy

Digital technologies support decarbonisation across all sectors of the economy. Global emissions from fossil fuels could be reduced by as much as 35% by 2030 through digitalisation. This reduction potential can be even greater due to rapid progress in technology.

Sustainability is a megatrend of the future

Companies that combine digital transformation with transformation based on sustainability goals stand a greater chance to succeed in business: they increase profitability and build shareholder value.

Transformation of business models

New game-changing business models are emerging owing to digitalisation – new markets are being created that require regulation and new business models are being developed in traditional markets.