ORLEN becomes Title Sponsor of Alfa Romeo Racing

PKN ORLEN became  Title Sponsor of Alfa Romeo Racing starting from the 2020 Formula 1 season. As part of cooperation, Robert Kubica will join the team. ORLEN logo will appear as a main element in painting of the cars and team overalls. Also the company's name will be used in the official communications of the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN team. Completely new area of cooperation between PKN ORLEN and the team will be youth training at ORLEN Karting Academy run by Sauber Motorsport.

In sport as in business, consistency is crucial. When last year we supported the return of Robert Kubica to Formula 1, we knew that we were creating the history of sport, but we were also opening a new chapter in the history of ORLEN brand. Last season has exceeded our expectations in the context of the benefits obtained through the presence in the most prestigious races in the world. The sheer value of our logo after 16 races exceeded 110 million PLN. We also significantly increased the profits of the retail network. Building global brand recognition has also allowed us to start the co-branding process, under which all European stations of our network will ultimately operate under one brand. Today we are taking another important step on this path by associating ourselves with a team that has enormous tradition and history. Robert Kubica, one of the fastest drivers in the world, remains our ambassador - says Daniel Obajtek, CEO and President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.

Cooperation with PKN ORLEN has been going well so far and I am glad that we’ll stay together for the next season. I am starting this new chapter in my career as I join Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN. This team holds a special place in my heart and I am pleased to see some faces still here from my years in Hinwil. Time and circumstances are obviously different, but I am convinced that I will find the same determination and hunger to succeed. I hope that my experience will allow us to seize the opportunities that await us in the upcoming season – says Robert Kubica.

As part of the sponsorship package, the ORLEN brand exposure will increase significantly compared to last season. The company logo will appear in the official name of the team. Also whole team communications will be carried out using the name Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN. The eagle logo will appear in the team's cars, including on the rear and front wing, Halo, mirrors and side pods. It will also be visible on the chest and back position of drivers’ overalls and in three places on the helmets of all drivers. In addition, the company logo will appear on the clothing of mechanics and team personnel, as well as on transporters, the interior of the garage and motorhome. The agreement with Alfa Romeo Racing team also provides greater involvement of drivers and team members in PKN ORLEN events and activities, including in particular, the support of the largest automotive event in Poland, VERVA Street Racing, organized by the Company. This also applies to Robert Kubica, who will be appointed as a reserve driver of Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN.

As part of cooperation, three young drivers from Poland will join the ORLEN Karting Academy run by Sauber Motorsport, the Swiss-based company that operates and manages Alfa Romeo Racing in Formula 1. This is a continuation of the activities started by the Company in 2018, aimed at selecting and training the successors of Robert Kubica. Company is a strategic sponsor of Polish karting series and in the upcoming season, around 200 competitors will take part in such national championships, including 30 young drivers nominated for the ORLEN Team Academy.

The Company's effectiveness analysis shows that Robert Kubica's participation in this year's Formula 1 races has contributed to the increase in viewership of this discipline by over 630% in Poland. The global equivalent of the ORLEN brand exposure during television broadcasts after 16 races of this 2019 season exceeded 110 million PLN. According to ARC Market and Opinion research, the awareness of the ORLEN brand as a sponsor of Robert Kubica has also increased significantly throughout the season. In the same research, one fifth of Polish drivers declared that due to the support of the Robert Kubica, they use more often the offer of the ORLEN station. This was confirmed by a significant increase in retail sales. The operating profit in this segment after the first three quarters of 2019 increased by almost 600 million PLN compared to the same period last year. The sale of fuels increased by 4% in the whole Group, and the sale of non-fuel offer, i.e. catering products, also increased significantly.