ORLEN took over service stations in Austria

ORLEN has successfully completed the acquisition of Doppler Energie, securing a 100% stake in the company that manages 267 service stations across Austria. The transaction expands ORLEN’s network to nearly 3,500 modern service stations across seven European countries. The Group is now exploring additional acquisition opportunities in the region and is taking steps to establish itself as a leader in electromobility within the Austrian market.

‘We have become one of the top three players in the Austrian fuel market, boasting a retail market share of approximately 10%. The transaction propels us beyond the 98% mark of our strategic 2030 target for the number of service stations in the region. Maintaining this momentum, we are actively exploring additional acquisitions, not only in Austria but also in other countries, aiming for further growth. Our overriding goal is to reinforce our strong Polish brand across Europe,’ said Daniel Obajtek, CEO and President of the Management Board of ORLEN.

The ORLEN network in Austria currently includes 110 electric car charging points across 34 locations, operating under the Turmstrom brand. Almost half of the acquired service stations are self-service facilities, aligning with the preferences of Austrian consumers who appreciate the ease of purchasing and paying for fuel directly at the pump. Additionally, 40 locations are equipped with solar PV panels. Nearly 100 facilities have car wash services, half of them feature convenience stores, and around 80 incorporate a food and beverage concept. The transaction also included the acquisition of Austrocard, a fuel card provider serving both private and business customers. Austrocard is currently accepted at over 500 locations throughout Austria.

‘Our primary focus will be on expanding the service station network and advancing electromobility. Initiating operations in the new, seventh, retail market signifies not only the growth of this segment but also opens up potential for the development of other business areas. This includes collaborations with local startups and the establishment of partnerships in the realm of green investments,’ explained Piotr Guział, who took over as CEO of the acquired company.

The acquired company, Doppler Energie, will be subsequently renamed ORLEN Austria. It operates a network of 267 service stations under the Turmöl brand. At the same time, ORLEN took over a significant part of the wholesale fuel market, which will allow to optimize logistics and guarantee the stability of supplies to the stations. In the longer term, ORLEN wants also to achieve synergies related to the presence and ownership of production assets in many markets in the region. A conditional agreement with the Doppler Group was reached early in July 2023. In September 2023, the European Commission approved the transaction, deeming it compatible with the common market.

The ORLEN Group Strategy until 2030 aims to expand the retail network to 3,500 sites, with 45% of them located outside of Poland. Currently, ORLEN owns 3,439 service stations, of which 1,931 are in Poland, and 1,508 in foreign markets: Germany (607), the Czech Republic (436), Slovakia (90), Hungary (78), Lithuania (30), and now also in Austria (267). Facilities outside Poland thus account for nearly 44% of ORLEN’s total network.