ORLEflow 150


ORLEflow 150 is a caking agent used for coating ammonium nitrate based fertilizers. Anti-caking agents​ protect granules of fertilizer against the dverse effects of the external enivronment. Unique formula effectively protects fertilizers against lumping.


  • production of fertilizers - as an anti-caking agent to the granules​​​

Transport and sales

  • sale in tank trucks (24 tons)
  • the product is not subject to RID and ADR regulations concerning the transport of dangerous goods
  • loading: from Monday to Friday, from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.​​​​

Requirements for ORLEflow 150

Parameter Requirements Standard
Congealing point, °C 55-60 PN ISO 2207:2011​
Total base number, TBN, mgKOH/g 18-24 ​PN-ISO 3771:2012​
Water content none PN-56/C-04085​
Kinematic viscosity at 70°C, mm2/s <40 ​ ISO 3675:2004​
Density at 70°C, g/cm3 ​0,80-0,86 ASTM D 2669-06PN-EN


​​Małgorzata Gurtowska
Sales Representative

​​tel. +48 24 201 00 61 
mob. +48 663 730 175​