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Crystal TL


Crystal TL is the highest quality hydrotreated paraffin fulfilling very strict cleanness standards.

In the process of clarification raw paraffin undergoes a catalytic reaction with hydrogen, as a result of which the sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen compounds contained are removed.

In addition the hydrotreatment process saturates multiple bonds, which results in high resistance to oxidation.

Crystal TL paraffin fulfills the requirements of the RAL standard, holds a Polish Hygiene Institute Certificate and an FDA certificate.


  • candle industry:
  • production of filled candles
  • production of tealight candles

Transport and sales

  • sales in cisterns or in the slabs (30 kg sacks)
  • Crystal TL paraffin is not governed by RID and ADR regulations regarding the carriage of dangerous goods
  • cisterns must hold a washing certificate
  • loading: from the top
  • loading: 24 h a day, 7 days a week
  • loading site: hydrotreatment terminal

Requirements for Crystal TL Paraffin

Property Required parameters
Sulfur content, [ppm], max 20
Oil content, [%(m/m)], max 2,5
Saybolt color, min +24
Solidification point,  [°C] 48 - 54
Ash content, [%] max 0,05
Odor, max 2
RAL test for UV color stability, min +5
POM presence test Endures
Benzene content, [ppm] max 0,5
Toluene content, [ppm] max 5,0


​​Radosław Grabowski
Sales Representative
​tel. +48 24 201 00 77
com. +48 601 414 964
​​Magdalena Kozińska
Sales Representative
tel. +48 24 201 02 72
com. +48 609 032 714