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Fuel wholesale prices

Prices effective as of 24-07-2021 godz. 12:00 AM

Nazwa Cena
Benzyna bezołowiowa - Eurosuper 95 4,466.00 PLN/m3
Benzyna bezołowiowa - Super Plus 98 4,677.00 PLN/m3
Olej Napędowy Ekodiesel 4,279.00 PLN/m3
Olej Napędowy Arktyczny 2 4,544.00 PLN/m3
Olej Napędowy Grzewczy Ekoterm 2,928.00 PLN/m3
NOTE: price (VAT-exclusive) of fuel with a reference temperature of 15°C
Fuel prices (wholesale)
Fuel prices in Poland are set by producers considering current market conditions driven by developments in global petroleum product markets, the condition of the Polish​ economy, and the government’s fiscal policy.

Retail fuel prices are determined by the following key factors:
  • Taxes and duties, namely excise tax, fuel duty and value added tax, and the stocks charge
  • Prices of crude oil and finished products on global exchanges
  • USD exchange rate
  • Competitive environment in Poland.