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Expansion of the Olefin Complex

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Expansion of the Olefin Complex is a development project critical to ensuring the future competitive position of the ORLEN Group’s production plant in Płock for decades to come. It is also the largest investment in the European petrochemical industry in 20 years.

Expansion of the Olefins Complex will increase the plant’s petrochemical capacities, while alleviating the environmental impact of such production. The project’s cutting-edge technologies will enhance energy efficiency and bring down carbon emissions by 30% per tonne of product. The output of the New Olefins Complex, scheduled for launch in 2025, will have versatile applications, including in the manufacture of automotive parts, components for home appliances and electronics, cleaning, hygiene and medical products, as well as synthetic fibres for the manufacture of clothing and protective masks. 

Expansion of the Olefins Complex

About the project

Our largest petrochemical project will involve new advanced products and technologies.  

Expansion of the Olefins Complex

Good neighbour

The city’s further development as a hub of petrochemical production will present great opportunities for Płock and the surrounding communities. See how our neighbours will benefit from the investment.

Expansion of the Olefins Complex


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