Fleet cards and services

ORLEN is a modern and dynamically developing company, which treats customer care and development as a priority. ORLEN expands its portfolio of fuel cards and fleet services consistently and takes care for the improvement of its existing solutions, so that all types of companies could receive reliable products, which respond to their demands. Our offer consists of a variety of solutions tailored to the demands and expectations of each company, taking into account its size, number and type of fleet vehicles, business profile and the amount of purchased fuel.

Fleet cards


FLOTA card

for large enterprises

FLOTA card (Fleet Card) ensures the convenience of cashless purchases of fuel, goods and services at more than 1800 locations nationwide. A free website and the mFLOTA mobile app, paperless invoicing and deferred payment dates facilitate your fleet management and help with maintaining control over expenditures. The fleet program provides a wide range of additional services, including Videotolling, ViaTOLL/viaAUTO or MobiParking, which facilitate highway journeys and parking ticket purchases. Adding OPEN DRIVE or DKV/ORLEN cards to your FLOTA package gives you a possibility to conduct cashless payments outside Poland.



for small enterprises

MIKROFLOTA (MicroFleet card) is a solution created for smaller enterprises. It can be used at all our fuel stations in Poland, Germany, Czechia and Lithuania. All payments for fuel, goods and services can be conducted clashless, using either the MIKROFLOTA card or an e-card in the mFLOTA mobile app. Sign up and enjoy the benefits of simplified, paperless invoicing, full online control over your expenses, deferred payment dates and a wide range of additional services such as Videotolling, MobiParking or the mechanical service.



for large enterprises

Are you looking for a convenient solution for an international vehicle fleet? The DKV/ORLEN card will provide you with a comprehensive service. The card enables drivers to purchase top-quality fuel, goods and services cashless at 2800 ORLEN fuel stations and over 100K other locations that accept payments with DKV cards in 42 countries across Europe. Transparent invoicing, a possibility to set limits, toll fees allocation and an online fleet portal simplify your fleet management. The DKV ASSIST package guarantees assistance in case of a breakdown and necessary repairs.


Purchase card

for everyone

Have you considered how you can express gratitude towards your employees and improve relations with your customers? We offer a convenient and modern solution – our purchase card. It can be loaded with any amount of money and its limit can be spent at each and evert ORLEN station, at single use or during several visits ay the fuel station.



for small and medium enterprises

Dou you run a small or medium enterprise? The BIZNESTANK program provides discounts on fuel, car wash and vacuum cleaning. With the BIZNESTANK Card, you can also use the ORLEN Pay service and receive discounts when you pay for fuel directly by the pump. Joining the program is an easy ride. All you need to do is to register with your contact details online. Then, at any ORLEN fuel station, you can pick up a contract and a card or an e-card, which can be used in the ORLEN VITAY mobile app.



for medium and large enterprises

The OPEN DRIVE card is dedicated to the companies, that own vehicle fleets and seek solutions for fast and convenient accounting of travel costs in Poland and abroad. OPEN DRIVE enables cashless fueling at more than 2500 fuel stations in Poland, Germany, Czechia and Lithuania. In order to facilitate accounting, all transactions proceeded with OPEN DRIVE card will be placed on one invoice per each country. A personalized online platform provides information about current expenses on fuel, allows ordering new cards, blocking cards and facilitates fleet management.