ORLEN Paliwa – largest multifuels sales organisation launched

ORLEN Upstream is starting to work on the exploration project called Miocen. The Ministry of the Environment has granted PKN ORLEN's subsidiary company a concession for the exploration and appraisal of oil and gas deposits.

Miocen is yet another exploration and appraisal project started by PKN ORLEN in south-east Poland. In recent months ORLEN Upstream expanded its activity in that area by launching two projects: Karpaty and Bieszczady Projects. Work will be carried out in the central-eastern part of Podkarpackie voivodeship. The area is perspective in terms of the potential presence of natural gas deposits.

- Acquiring the Siennów-Rokietnica concession is a part of a broader exploration concept within Małopolska Oil Province. - said Wiesław Prugar, President of the Management Board, ORLEN Upstream. - The area of south-east Poland has a long and rich history when it comes to hydrocarbons exploitation. Those regions are geologically very well examined, and the high exploration potential encouraged us to widen the area where our operation activities are being carried out.

After a positive evaluation of the concession application, dated 13 October 2015, the Ministry of the Environment has completed the procedure of granting a concession, no 8/2015/p, for the exploration and appraisal of hydrocarbons deposits to ORLEN Upstream company. The concession covers the area called "Siennów-Rokietnica", located in municipalities of: Chłopice, Rokietnica, Roźwienica, Zarzecze, as well as in towns and municipalities of: Kańczuga and Pruchnik in Podkarpackie voivodeship. The license area amounts to 69,08 km2. Natural gas deposits are located in the vicinity of the area and partially within its borders: Jaksmanice - Przemyśl, Rokietnica, Rudołowice, Kańczuga i Pruchnik-Pantalowice. The first stage of exploration and production works will consist in interpreting and analyzing historical geological data and conducting seismic surveys. The concession is valid for four years.