Construction of CCGT unit in Włocławek − new arrangements

PKN ORLEN concluded with the consortium of companies (General Electric International Inc. acting via General Electric International S.A., office in Poland and SNC-LAVALIN POLSKA sp. z o.o.) an annex to the agreement for building power plant in Wloclawek. The Annex defines further steps related to defects detected during commissioning.

The commissioning tests and warranty measurements performed on the CCGT plant provided us with a detailed diagnosis of the unit’s operation. With a complete picture of the technical issues to be fixed, we were able to work out optimal solutions for remedial works to be performed by the consortium - said Marcin Wasilewski, Executive Director for Power Generation.

In connection with the conclusion of the Annex till the mid-September 2016 the Power plant will be in hot commissioning, during which electricity and technological steam will be generated and sold to the customers. In the following months a shutdown is scheduled to conduct the repairs, repeated guarantee measurements and trial run, after which the Power plant will be commissioned by the consortium of companies to PKN ORLEN. Start of commercial operation of the Power plant is expected for the first quarter 2017.