ORLEN eurobonds on Warsaw Stock Exchange

The largest issue of investment grade corporate eurobonds makes its debut today on the Catalyst markets of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The securities were issued by ORLEN Capital AB, PKN ORLEN’s Swedish subsidiary, in June 2016. So far, they have been listed only on the Dublin stock exchange.

The seven-year eurobonds with a 2.5% coupon, worth EUR 750m, were today listed for the first time on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. They are PKN ORLEN’s first eurobonds to be traded on the WSE. This is also the largest offering of investment grade eurobonds ever launched by a Polish company. PKN ORLEN made its debut on the eurobonds market in 2014, when it issued EUR 500m worth of seven-year bonds.

Floating the eurobonds on the WSE reflects PKN ORLEN’s policy of stimulating the development of the Polish capital market. We are aware of our Group’s vital role in the Polish economy and the country’s financial markets, hence our continued involvement in developing the Catalyst markets, stressed Sławomir Jędrzejczyk, Vice President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board, Chief Financial Officer.

At present, PKN ORLEN is one of the most active participants of the Catalyst platform. So far, as part of the offering programme, the Company has issued six series of retail bonds on the WSE’s regulated market. Another important offering of PKN securities was the 2012 issuance of seven-year PLN 1bn corporate bonds launched on the Catalyst market. All offerings of PKN bonds were very popular with investors and allowed the Company to strengthen its position on the capital market.