New quality fuels at ORLEN

​Improved engine cleaning properties and emission reductions: these are the features of the new EFECTA 95 and EFECTA Diesel fuels confirmed by independent tests. By cleaning car engines, EFECTA fuels prolong their lifespan and improve performance. As of today, they are available across the ORLEN retail chain, replacing EuroSuper 95 and Ekodiesel Ultra.

The tests showed that EFECTA 95 is able to remove up to 65% of existing sediments in the engine and prevent up to 98% of new sedimentation. The fuel reduces friction and has a 30% higher lubricity compared with gasolines without any additives. The fuel’s properties remain unchanged for a long time, protecting engine components against corrosion and physical wear.

As for EFECTA Diesel, advanced technologies allow it to remove sediments and keep components of the fuel system and the engine clean. The test of EFECTA Diesel’s cleaning properties revealed that the fuel helps remove at least 50% of sediments already after the first fill-up. Filling up with this fuel on a regular basis makes it possible to restore up to 98% of the original injector efficiency. The fuel also facilitates the operation of pumps and injectors by reducing friction and protects the surface of engine components against corrosion, while the applied anti-foaming solution makes refilling easier.

The tests also confirmed the extent of emission reductions achievable with EFECTA fuels. Compared with gasolines without additives, the new EFECTA 95 enables a reduction of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter by, respectively, around 8% and 51%, while EFECTA Diesel reduces NOx and PM emissions by ca. 4% and 44%, respectively. The tests also confirmed a reduction of CO2 emissions.

‘On a highly competitive market, such as the one where we operate, it is impossible to gain an advantage without investing in the development of products and services. The fuels we are rolling out today are a perfect example of how to put innovation into practice. With the use of advanced technologies, we have managed to develop products that place us at the leading edge of the fuel industry, while bringing tangible benefits to our customers,’ stressed Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.

‘Adding the new fuels to our offering entailed a number of logistics and technology-related challenges, but we have managed to complete the process successfully. Starting from today, the EFECTA fuels, which set market standards for improving a car engine’s lifespan and performance, will be available across Poland through our chain comprising 1,700 service stations. I am positive that these products will not only allow us to strengthen relationships with existing customers, but also to reach new consumer groups,’ said Zbigniew Leszczyński, Member of the PKN ORLEN Management Board, Sales.

The cleaning properties of the new EFECTA fuels have been confirmed through rigorous tests carried out by certified laboratories of SGS, the world’s leading inspection, testing and certification company. BOSMAL, on the other hand, was responsible for checking how the new fuels perform in normal operating conditions using the latest available testing methods and procedures. The fuels were tested both in urban and motorway traffic conditions.