ANWIL - Investments plans

​In line with its strategy, PKN ORLEN plans investments of around PLN 1bn to expand the production capacity of the fertiliser unit at its Włocławek-based subsidiary ANWIL. The Company is also considering strengthening the capital of its strategic petrochemical assets by increasing the production capacity of the PVC unit.

“ANWIL is a key company of the ORLEN Group. We want to grow the business, not to sell it. ANWIL’s strong position is crucial for the development of the ORLEN Group, the city of Włocławek and the entire Bydgoszcz region. These projects will significantly bolster ANWIL’s position on the fertiliser and PVC markets and will financially benefit the ORLEN Group as well as the local government and residents,” said Daniel Obajtek, CEO and President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board, during a press conference held in Włocławek.

At present, ANWIL has an annual nitrogen fertiliser production capacity of around 1 million tonnes, with plans to increase it by 40%, or 430,000 tonnes, following the unit expansion. Also, four new fertiliser products are planned to be added to the company’s product range.

ANWIL is an integral element of the ORLEN Group, committed to promoting growth of the regions where it operates. With nearly 1,300 staff, ANWIL is one of the largest employers in Kujawy and Pomerania, making a positive impact on its local communities. Once completed, the fertiliser project will create 200 new jobs by 2021, representing a 15% increase in headcount.

ANWIL is also a major payer of local taxes. The company paid PLN 110m in taxes in 2017, of which PLN 35m were local taxes, with the figure estimated to rise to approximately PLN 50m annually with the expansion of the production assets in Włocławek.

Corporate social responsibility is embedded into ANWIL’s corporate strategy. Operating independently or through its corporate foundation, the company is involved in extensive social sponsorship and charity activities, having donated in excess of PLN 800,000 over the last three quarters. The company has also spent over PLN 50,000 on educational projects at schools in Włocławek over the period. From 2014 to 2017 the ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation donated a total of PLN 3.3m to support its local communities and ran more than 180 projects, with every second Włocławek resident benefitting from programmes sponsored by the Foundation.

ANWIL is also a major sponsor of local sports, providing financial support to the Włocławek basketball club, YACHT CLUB ANWIL, runner Katarzyna Kowalska, and the Włocławek aero club.