Launch of PKN ORLEN’s Investing Academy

​PKN ORLEN has just launched its Investing Academy project. Anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge about the capital market and safe investing on the stock exchange is welcome to join. Participants of the Investing Academy can be awarded a prestigious certificate with the CFA Society Poland name and logo. The project is run as part of ‘ORLEN in Your Portfolio’ – the first long-term programme in Poland dedicated to individual investors. So far, more than a thousand people have decided to enrol.

“Investing in the capital market can be a good way to save for the future, but it needs to be based on an informed judgement. Therefore, when we announced the ‘ORLEN in Your Portfolio’ programme for retail investors, we emphasised that education would be its important pillar. The aim of the Investing Academy, which has just been launched, is to introduce potential investors to the mechanisms of the capital market, but also to promote long-term investing. I hope that our initiatives will contribute to raising the number of educated, informed investors in Poland, who will invest in shares and bonds of Polish WSE-listed companies,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

The Investing Academy is a multidimensional project. The possibility of using the resources made available through the educational platform for free and without any limitations is open to anyone interested, not only to holders of PKN ORLEN stock.

“The Investing Academy has two levels, the first one dedicated to those who have some experience in investing and the second – to those who are just beginning to manage their capital. Those who complete the training programme will be able to obtain a prestigious certificate with the CFA Society Poland name and logo. All the interested participants will be able to start taking examinations in the second half of 2019,” said Iwona Waksmundzka, PKN ORLEN’s Executive Director for Strategy and Investor Relations.

The Investing Academy syllabus was drawn up in cooperation with CFA Society Poland, the Polish arm of CFA Institute, an international association that brings together over 140 thousand financial industry professionals from all over the world. The syllabus covers, among other things, topics related to the stock exchange mechanics, investment portfolio management and investor rights. In addition to an accessibly written handbook, the Investing Academy offers a wide range of multimedia materials, including recordings by Polish capital market experts. Individual parts of the handbook will be published gradually. The first chapter, which is already out, is devoted to macroeconomy, and the entire handbook will be available by the end of May.

The ‘ORLEN in Your Portfolio’ programme was launched in November 2018. Its expert patron is the Polish Association of Individual Investors, Poland’s largest organisation for retail stock investors, present on the market since 1999. Participants of ‘ORLEN in Your Portfolio’ can take advantage of promotional offers for fuel and non-fuel products at ORLEN service stations. The only condition is that they hold no less than 50 PKN ORLEN shares in their securities account with the PKO Bank Polski Brokerage House, the mBank Brokerage House or the Bank Ochrony Środowiska Brokerage House for at least one month. Stockholders who satisfy this condition will be able to benefit from a PLN 0.15 and PLN 0.10 per litre discount, respectively, for the VERVA and EFECTA fuels. This means they will be able to save up to PLN 540 on fuel purchases per year. The programme also offers a 10% discount on non-fuel products. The discounts are renewed for subsequent months, provided that a participant holds PKN ORLEN shares for a longer period of time.