Letter of intent signed for cooperation between ORLEN Paliwa and PKP CARGO

​PKP CARGO and ORLEN Paliwa have declared their intention to cooperate closely based on the potential of both companies in transport, railway infrastructure and fuel logistics.

The ORLEN Group’s ORLEN Paliwa would use its resources, technical expertise and operational capabilities to provide logistics support to PKP CARGO. The cooperation would involve timely supplies of liquid fuels for diesel locomotives, refuelling points optimally located along railway routes and provision of mobile refuelling stations.

“The letter of intent signed today between the companies enjoying the position of leaders in their respective sectors is an important step in our mutual cooperation. Development of PKP’s strategic logistics infrastructure should be supported by modern solutions, such as those offered by ORLEN Paliwa. I am positive that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial, while also strengthening the Polish economy,” said Łukasz Hołubowski, President of the ORLEN Paliwa Management Board.

About a half of our locomotives being diesel fuelled, it is critical to PKP CARGO to secure fuel supplies. Our efforts to arrange for appropriate diesel oil supply infrastructure are also part of a broader programme to optimise and improve transport at the PKP CARGO Group, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of services for customers and better leveraging the potential of Polish railways for the benefit of the national economy,” said Czesław Warsewicz, President of the PKP CARGO Management Board.

The agreement between the companies would allow PKP CARGO, Poland’s largest railway freight operator, to increase its operational capabilities. As part of the cooperation, ORLEN Paliwa would ensure reliable supplies of premium quality fuels and would strengthen PKP CARGO’s infrastructure by enabling efficient and cost-effective refuelling of the latter’s rolling stock.

ORLEN Paliwa Sp. z o.o., a member company of the ORLEN Group, is Poland’s largest multifuels sales organisation offering its wholesale customers a full range of fuel products, i.e. gasoline (Eu-95, SP-98), diesel oils, fuel oil, propane, butane and a propane-butane mixture (LPG). The company sells fuels made by PKN ORLEN from 17 storage depots as well as liquefied gas from its own seven LPG terminals (including one marine terminal); the sales network operated by the company covers the whole of Poland.

PKP CARGO S.A. is Poland’s largest and EU’s leading rail freight logistics operator. The company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and its major shareholder is PKP S.A., holding an equity interest of 33.01%. The company was established in 2001 and has a total workforce in excess of 17 thousand. Its rolling stock comprises almost 2,500 locomotives and over 60,000 rail cars.