ORLEN Group’s 2018 Integrated Report available online

​The most important aspects of the ORLEN Group’s activities in 2018 have been discussed in its Integrated Report, which is already available online at: raport zintegrowany2018.orlen.pl. It contains a summary of essential information on the Group’s current and planned activities, discussing the value creation process and risk management, showing how macro trends and the latest regulations are analysed, and giving a view of the broad range of the Group’s non-financial engagements. The report is available in both Polish and English.

“Our constant focus is on how to best exploit the ORLEN Group’s vast potential in the years to come. Our view of the future is multidimensional. We want all our stakeholders to be aware of the objectives we set ourselves and to derive benefits from their delivery. An integrated report is the best format for anyone who is interested in the Group’s activities to find out about their results,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

The layout and contents of the publication are based on the International Integrated Reporting Council recommendations and guidelines. Besides information on the current activities and business environment of the ORLEN Group, the report also discusses the Group’s corporate governance framework, strategy implementation, risks and opportunities, financial performance, as well as relevant market trends and forecasts. Its crucial elements include an overview of the Group’s business model, as well as its key capitals, spanning the financial, production, human, intellectual, social and natural spheres.

It also addresses the most recent developments in EU legislation concerning disclosure of non-financial and diversity-related information, which have been implemented into Polish law by the Accounting Act of December 2016. In connection with these new legal requirements, the integrated report now covers key non-financial areas of the Group’s activity, such as CSR, labour matters, the environment, employee and contractor safety, respect for human rights and prevention of bribery and corruption. Non-financial activities, reported in accordance with the international GRI Standards, have been verified by an independent auditor.

Also, as a partner of ‘Accessibility Plus’, PKN ORLEN has introduced an additional functionality – a speech synthesizer to help the visually impaired read the text on the website. Moreover, thanks to special features, the text of the report can be enlarged and displayed in contrasting colours.

Another valuable addition are interactive tools that make it even more accessible, including a tables and charts centre, a multimedia centre and a document centre, an interactive glossary of financial and industry terms and an interactive guide to the report. Current and historical data is presented through quarterly and annual KPIs. The report also features a map of the ORLEN Group’s sales markets, a diagram showing the value creation process, an overview of the business model, and a stakeholder map.

Apart from a recapitulation of the previous year, the report offers some insights into the present and future, including the Outlook 2019+ section by the Chief Economist of PKN ORLEN, entitled ‘Minerals and waste – change in the rules of the game.’