Consolidation of maintenance assets at the ORLEN Group

​ORLEN Serwis has closed a transaction to purchase shares in UAB EMAS of Lithuania, thus becoming its sole owner. Consolidation of the companies will help optimise costs and expenditures incurred on maintenance across the ORLEN Group. Consolidation of maintenance assets is also set to benefit the employees of both companies and their customers.

“The acquisition of UAB Emas is aimed at establishing a highly-specialised maintenance centre at the ORLEN Group to improve management of that area of the Group’s activity and to serve as a platform for transferring know-how and sharing experience. What is more, the increased scale of ORLEN Serwis operations will facilitate deployment of new technical solutions and innovations, while allowing us to provide services more closely tailored to the needs of ORLEN Group customers,’ said Albert Kołodziejski, President of the ORLEN Serwis Management Board.

ORLEN Serwis will continue to provide its maintenance services for automatics and electrical systems, as well as areas and facilities at the Mažeikiai refinery. The company’s business will be further extended to include services related to static mechanics and rotating machinery mechanics.

Recruitment of Lithuanian employees, who will start providing mechanical maintenance services, is due to begin in July this year. The process was communicated to them at a meeting with the ORLEN Serwis Management Board.