ANWIL begins construction of new fertilizer units

​The ORLEN Group’s ANWIL has commenced construction of two out of three planned nitrogen fertilizer units. The project, with a total budget of ca. PLN 1.3bn, will increase ANWIL’s production capacity by approximately 50% in mid-2022, allowing it to meet demand for high quality products from Polish farmers. The project is also an important step towards reducing fertilizer imports.

Plans are afoot to build three new fertilizer units at the chemical company: a nitric acid unit, a unit for the production of ammonium nitrate solution (neutralisation process) and a unit for the production of fertilizers based on drum granulation.

On Wednesday, May 22nd 2019, the foundation stone was laid for the nitric acid and neutralisation units, the project’s key phase.

“Strengthening ANWIL’s competitive position is at the top of our priority list. Further expansion of the nitrogen fertilizer capabilities by our Włocławek-based company is bound to bring tangible benefits to the ORLEN Group, the region and Polish farmers. By expanding the range of quality products, we will contribute to ensuring food security in Poland,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

ANWIL is Poland’s sole fertilizer producer with real potential to increase production. With its existing fertilizer capacity, the company holds a 35% surplus of ammonia, for which natural customers are in the fertilizer manufacturing industry. The project will enable ANWIL to utilise these surplus volumes and market quality finished products in the form of nitrogen fertilizers with no adverse impact on its profit margin.

The turnkey contract for the design, procurement and construction of a nitric acid plant with a daily capacity of almost 1,300 tonnes and a neutralisation plant with a daily capacity of 1,200 tonnes was signed with thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG in late April 2019.

It is the first of three major contracts to be signed under the project, which is strategically important to ANWIL’s further growth. The other two contracts will be for the construction of a granulation unit and ancillary facilities.
The launch of the third fertilizer line in mid-2022 will increase ANWIL’s production capacity by approximately 50%, from 966,000 tonnes to 1,461,000 tonnes annually. Once brought on-stream, it will add coarse-grained ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate with sulfur and calcium ammonium nitrate with magnesium with enhanced granule properties to the company’s product mix.

“ANWIL is an integral element of the ORLEN Group, which is committed to promoting growth of the regions where it operates and making a positive impact on its local communities. With over 1,300 staff we are already among the largest employers in the regions of Kuyavia and Pomerania, the number set to increase by another 100 jobs once the fertilizer project is completed,” says Agnieszka Żyro, President of the Management Board of ANWIL S.A.

ANWIL is also a major payer of local taxes. The company paid PLN 70m in taxes for 2018, of which PLN 35m were local taxes. The figure is estimated to rise to approximately PLN 50m annually with the expansion of the production assets in Włocławek.