Launch of the first ORLEN-branded service station in Germany

​PKN ORLEN has launched its first ORLEN-branded service station near Berlin. It is another important step towards a full international rebranding of the network and strengthening the company’s position in Europe. Almost 600 service stations under the ORLEN-star brand already operate in Germany. The new station operates as a stop.cafe and O!Shop, offering a wide range of products to customers.

“From a business perspective, it is a strategically well thought-out decision that will ultimately lead to success. We are increasing our presence in Germany because this is aligned with our path to success. PKN ORLEN has immense potential and we want to harness this for the benefit of our company and Poland’s economy. This requires a coherent corporate image, therefore we are taking proactive steps by opening our first ORLEN-branded service station in Germany. We have a presence in the German market for some considerable time and are gradually increasing our market share there. We have developed and strengthened our brand recognition and the exercise has been very successful. Our valued customers in Germany choose our stations because they associate the ORLEN brand with professionalism, quality products and services,” says Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.

The ORLEN station is located in Seeberg-Ost near Berlin, on Motorway 10, and it operates as a stop.cafe and O!Shop. This means customers can make quick and convenient purchases and choose from a wide range of food and beverage options, including hot snacks, such as hot dogs, soups, popular bockwursts as well as sandwiches, salads, freshly squeezed juices and coffee.

Regarding the coronavirus pandemic in Germany, the Seeberg-Ost service station has implemented strict safety standards as are applied by ORLEN outlets in Poland. All food products are offered on a take-out basis, and all hot-drink accessories, such as cup lids or stirrers, are available from the station’s staff.

​PKN ORLEN started implementing its strategy to build a uniform image of its service stations in foreign markets in November 2019. As part of the co-branding programme, the ORLEN Group’s logotype has already been added to the local star and Benzina brands at all service stations in Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The fuel dispensers, price pylon signs and indoor screens have been marked with the logo. PKN ORLEN is also present in Lithuania, where all ORLEN stations have operated exclusively under the ORLEN brand since their inception.