PKN ORLEN makes travelling with electric cars easier

​PKN ORLEN is expanding its service station network with a view to increasing the availability of alternative fuels. Four new fast EV charging stations have been added to the network, with more to follow soon. ORLEN Charge is also available, which is an app designed to help electric car owners to plan journey and travel. ORLEN Charge enables users to quickly and conveniently locate the nearest charging station and check connector availability.

‘Electromobility is a fast-growing branch of the economy. At PKN ORLEN, we predict a bright future for alternative fuels, therefore we are consistently pursuing the project to roll out fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Poland. We want our efforts to help raise public awareness of low-emission transport,’ said Jarosław Dybowski, Executive Director of PKN ORLEN for Energy.

The ORLEN Charge app allows users to quickly and conveniently locate the nearest charger, check connector availability and power rating, start and end the charging session at any time and in any place, and track the charging power and charging progress on a DC connector. Users may also quickly contact the ORLEN 24/7 hotline to report problems with a charger or to check their charging history and facilities available in the vicinity of an ORLEN charging station. From Monday, May 11th 2020, stations will gradually require customers to register before they can use the app. Charging remains free at this point.

Forty-three 50 kW and 100 kW fast charging stations are currently operating at PKN ORLEN service stations in Poland, with further projects in the implementation phase. Four new chargers have recently been launched in Katowice, Łódź and Kobylnica, most of them located at PKN ORLEN service stations along major transport routes. The chargers deployed at PKN ORLEN service stations are equipped with DC connectors (CHAdeMO, CCS) and AC Type 2 connectors, accommodating all types of electric vehicles available globally. A commercial EV charging offer is to be unveiled soon.

In the Czech Republic, where the charging infrastructure is being developed in partnership with the CEZ Group and E.ON, EV chargers are available at 21 Benzina stations. Also, six Tesla-only charging stations, deployed in partnership with the US automaker, are operating in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The ORLEN Charge app is available for the iOS and Android systems. More information and app login link: https://www.orlen.pl/pl/dla-ciebie/aplikacje/orlen-charge

24/7 hotline: +48 801 167 536 and +48 502 167 536

App animation: https://we.tl/t-CZ1IsPMECB
New charging stations:
Katowice at ul. Murckowska 5
Łódź at ul. Przybyszewskiego 327
Łódź at ul. Brzezińska 25
Kobylnica at ul. Szczecińska 19A