Successful 5G tests at PKN ORLEN

PKN ORLEN is the first company in Poland and one of the few in Europe to have completed tests of a private 5G network in the industrial infrastructure environment. In the future, the implemented solutions may support business processes across the Group’s operations. The tests were conducted at the Płock production plant and a nearby service station.

In order to carry out tests in a real advanced industrial infrastructure environment, PKN ORLEN has secured a temporary allocation of radio frequencies and a clearance from the Office of Electronic Communications. The project fits within the ORLEN2030 strategy, which covers the Group's digital transformation programme.

- PKN ORLEN sets trends and deploys innovative solutions. We were the first company in Poland to test a private 5G network in a real industrial setting, and this experience will allow us to harness this technology in our production processes. For example, in the refining and petrochemical segments, the 5G network will help us optimise our production and logistics processes, increase efficiency and mitigate operational risks, and even achieve emission reduction targets - said Artur Groszek, IT Executive Director of PKN ORLEN.

As digital transformation unfolds, the demand for innovations will grow. The tests made at PKN ORLEN have confirmed that the 5G network ensures reliable data transmission in applications critical for the control and monitoring of production processes. It also supports the use of vast amounts of data acquired from measuring devices, sensors and production machinery.

The tests were conducted in partnership with renowned tech companies which supplied the state-of-the-art 5G network infrastructure and compatible devices. The high bandwidth of the 5G network allowed the company to test a number of solutions in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and dispatch communication systems. Various 5G network solutions were also put to the test, including their functionality, performance, quality and information security.