PKN ORLEN and Synthos Green Energy plan a joint project to import energy from Ukraine

ORLEN Synthos Green Energy, formed by PKN ORLEN and Synthos Green Energy, is planning to start a project that will enable electricity imports from Ukraine and will help stabilise and diversify supply sources, strengthening Poland’s energy security and making a real contribution to improvement of Ukraine’s economic situation.

The electricity to be transmitted to Poland would come from the Khmelnytskyi Power Plant in Ukraine. Imports of electricity through upgraded infrastructure would help meet the needs of Poland’s industry and reduce its dependence on hydrocarbon-based energy sources. ORLEN Synthos Green Energy will carry out the necessary technical arrangements.

This is another project that ORLEN Synthos Green Energy plans to invest in. The company, whose establishment was cleared by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in March this year, will be tasked with preparing and commercialising micro modular reactor (MMR) and small modular reactor (SMR) technologies in Poland, which are among the most efficient, affordable and safe energy generation technologies. The project is an important contribution to ORLEN’s energy diversification efforts that will help enhance energy security and independence for Poland and the wider region.