ORLEN Group integrated report 2021

The ORLEN Group has published an online version of its Integrated Report, providing a summary of its activities in 2021. It is a modern tool for the Group to communicate with the market, meeting new financial and non-financial reporting regulations. The Best Annual Report awards have repeatedly demonstrated the ORLEN Group meets the highest global reporting standards. The results presented in this year’s edition of the report underscore the ORLEN Group’s role as a leader of the energy transition in Poland and the wider CEE region.

‘We constantly strive to ensure our stakeholders fully understand the projects we embark on. In 2021, we completed and moved forward with capital investment projects and acquisitions of key importance to the Group’s continued rapid growth and Poland’s energy security. We have delivered on the goals set out in the ORLEN2030 strategy, expanding and harnessing the potential of all the Group companies. We successfully integrate the principles of sustainability into our business operations, and our sustainability reporting has been repeatedly recognised by experts and the market,’ said Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.

The report contains all the key categories of disclosures intended for the ORLEN Group stakeholders. It outlines the process of building value and managing business and non-financial risks, and shows how macroeconomic trends and recent regulations are analysed. A vital part of the report is the section devoted to the assessment of the Group’s growth prospects in the context of the current market environment and geopolitical landscape.

The report also presents the approach to ESG issues. The descriptions of the ORLEN Group’s key projects are supplemented with performance indicators related to climate, environmental issues, social responsibility, human capital, safety, and governance.

The report also highlights concrete initiatives supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. Information on our ESG performance has been prepared based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and is externally assured. As prescribed by new European Commission regulations, the report also discloses the proportion of the ORLEN Group’s total turnover, capital expenditure and operating expenditure associated with economic activities that are eligible under the EU Taxonomy. In order to increase compliance with the guidelines of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the ORLEN Group is taking steps to increase disclosure of climate-related information. The scope of information contained in the report takes into account the expectations formulated by international ESG ratings.

The analysis of data contained in the report is made easier through interactive tools, including a tables and charts centre, a multimedia centre and a document centre, an interactive glossary of financial and industry terms and a guide to the report. The report includes interactive maps of export markets and numerous infographics explaining the business model and the value-building process of the ORLEN Group.

As a partner of the Accessibility Plus Programme, PKN ORLEN has again added the speech synthesiser functionality in the report. Moreover, thanks to advanced features, the text of the report can be enlarged and displayed in a high-contrast colour combination.

The online version of the Integrated Report is available at: https://raportzintegrowany2021.orlen.pl/en/