ORLEN expanding its retail presence in Europe

The ORLEN Group has taken over and is beginning to rebrand 79 fuel stations in Hungary, currently branded as Lukoil. In addition, the Group will purchase 103 more fuel stations located in Slovakia and Hungary by mid-2024. ORLEN’s entry into the Hungarian market and purchase of more stations in Slovakia follow the merger of PKN ORLEN with its smaller peer LOTOS. According to its strategic vision, by 2030 the ORLEN Group’s retail network is to comprise 3,500 ORLEN-branded stations in at least six markets of Central and Eastern Europe, with the share of foreign locations in its entire network up from the current 37% to 45%.

“As already announced, we are strengthening our presence in Slovakia, becoming one of the fourth largest fuel retailer operating in that market. We are also expanding our retail network into a new market, that of Hungary, where we have already established a wholesale presence. As a result of the successful expansion of our sales network, we ensure the security of fuel and energy supplies not only in Poland, but in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. Our commitment and market insight will allow us to offer new customers in Europe prime quality products and services tailored to their expectations. The ORLEN-branded stations will open their doors to Hungarian customers in early December,” says Daniel Obajtek, CEO and President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.

As part of the remedial measures imposed as a condition for its acquisition of LOTOS, in early December ORLEN became the owner of 79 fuel stations in Hungary, to be rebranded from Lukoil to ORLEN with the next few days. In the next stage, the stations will be upgraded to ORLEN network standards.

Under its agreement with the MOL Group, ORLEN will eventually acquire 143 stations in Hungary and 39 outlets in Slovakia. The acquisition and rebranding of the remaining 64 outlets in Hungary will take place gradually by mid-2024.

A parallel rebranding project will be carried out at the 39 Slovak stations, to be completed by mid-2023. As a result, ORLEN will have deployed its colours in six European countries, where stations of the ORLEN network will provide refuelling services to motorists.

Following the transaction, ORLEN will have a total of more than 230 retail outlets on the Hungarian and Slovak markets. As a result, the ORLEN Group will be one of the four top players on both markets.