ORLEN tests innovative labels

PKN ORLEN is testing an innovative electronic price labelling technology PESL as part of its ORLEN Skylight accelerator programme. Perovskite cell-powered labels enable the use of algorithms to dynamically manage prices and promotional content at the selected ORLEN service station, making it possible to adjust product prices to reflect seasonality, availability or temporary special offers.

PKN ORLEN, as a leader of change, uses innovative solutions across different areas of its business. As part of tests carried out jointly with Saule Technologies, more than 150 artificial light-powered Perovskite Electronic Shelf Labels were deployed at the selected ORLEN service station in Warsaw. Ultimately, more than 1,500 labels are to be installed on a pilot basis.

- Searching for new solutions is a cornerstone in building a competitive multi-utility group: focusing on innovation-driven growth, collaboration with independent startups. PKN ORLEN continues to develop tools supporting research and development projects, and the ORLEN Skylight accelerator is one of them. The Group is an attractive business partner helping young tech companies to put into effect projects addressing diverse and demanding challenges. Cooperation with Saule Technologies will allow us to improve the solutions used at our service stations to better respond to customers’ expectations - said Patrycja Panasiuk, Deputy Executive Director, Strategy & Innovation and Investor Relations at PKN ORLEN.

The innovative PESL labels are powered by natural or artificial light. The labels feature a two- or three-colour display unit that can show both text and graphics. The advanced perovskite cell applied in this solution is characterised by high performance in artificial light and thus takes up very little room. The cell can power a label for many years. At the current stage of the pilot project, PKN ORLEN is testing compatibility of the electronic label management system with a limited volume of electronic labels. The next step will be to install labels of various sizes corresponding to individual products all over the service station.

ORLEN Skylight accelerator is addressed to young technology companies from any place in the world that offer finished products and services implementing innovations in petrochemical production, renewable energy, internal processes, customer service, etc. The programme was launched more than a year ago. To date, five selection rounds have been completed, with more than 350 applications filed by startups from Poland and abroad. The startups were presented with an opportunity to address nearly 100 technological challenges in areas including retail sales, logistics, petrochemical sales and power generation. Having evaluated the submitted applications, PKN ORLEN decided to proceed with 16 pilot implementations.