ORLEN Group secures four new licences in Norway

PGNiG Upstream Norway and LOTOS Exploration & Production Norge of the ORLEN Group have been awarded interests in four exploration licences on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in an annual licensing round. Together with the latest awards, the ORLEN Group now holds 98 licences in Norway.

– The ORLEN Group is rapidly expanding its potential in Norway, a foreign market of key importance to our upstream operations. The awards received by the Group companies in the annual licensing round are a testament to the skill and ability of our staff, keeping in mind the Norwegian authorities grant only the best applications. The skills and competencies combined within one multi-utility group create synergies that provide a foundation for our accelerated growth and stronger position on the Norwegian Continental Shelf – noted Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.

In the APA 2022 licensing round that opened last year, the Norwegian authorities awarded interests in 47 licences to 25 companies, PGNiG Upstream Norway and LOTOS Exploration & Production Norge (LOTOS Norge) among them.

PGNiG Upstream Norway (PUN) secured interests in three licences – one in the North Sea and two in the Norwegian Sea. PGNiG was awarded a 30% interest in licence PL1172. The other two partners are AkerBP (operator) and DNO Norge, holding a 40% interest and a 30% interest, respectively. PUN was awarded a 20% interest in licence PL1190. The other two partners are Harbor Energy (operator) with a 50% interest and Lime Petroleum with a 30% interest. The third licence, PL1193, is located near the Skarv field. PGNiG was granted a 20% interest in the licence, with AkerBP (80%) as the operator.

LOTOS Norge secured a 20% interest in the PL1175 licence, with Aker BP as the operator (50%) and DNO Norge as the third partner (30%). The licence is located in the Yggdrasil (formerly NOAKA) development area in the North Sea, where the company already holds interests in other licences.

Together with the licences awarded in the latest licensing round, PUN now holds interests in 64 licences and LOTOS Norge – in 36 licences, of which two are joint licences. The ORLEN Group has thus increased its holdings on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to 98 licences.