Unleaded 95

While out on a trip, it's worth buying eurosuper 95 at an ORLEN fuel station. Simply pull over at any of our 2,000 stations in Poland and experience quality driving.

Owing to special additives of the highest quality, Eurosuper 95 provides for excellent engine care. The additives include a detergent, which ensures the inlet system is clean and prevents deposits from contaminating inlet valves and combustion chambers, and a corrosion inhibitor that protects the engine and fuel system of the car.

The results of a special test prove that Eurosuper 95 additives significantly limit fuel consumption and deposit formation. They also reduce the risk of damage to the engine. The valve cleanliness test was carried out on a Mercedes engine, and the results were compared with ordinary gasoline without additives.

Eurosuper 95 petrol allows for the full use of the car's power, with a smooth engine action and reduced fuel consumption. Moreover, Eurosuper 95 ensures smooth engine operation at high load, both at low and high temperatures.

The use of Eurosuper 95 reduces the consumption of engine oil as it extends replacement intervals and prolongs the lives of spark plugs and the exhaust system. Furthermore, Eurosuper 95 protects the catalytic converter, prolonging its life and reducing the emission of hydrocarbons to the atmosphere.

There shall be no metallic additives based on manganese, including methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT)

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