ORLEN Południe is a pioneer on Poland’s market for biofuels and biocomponents which can be blended with traditional diesel oils or used as stand-alone fuels.

ORLEN Południe is a true pioneer on the domestic market of biofuels and biocomponents. We are currently the most experienced player on the Polish map of biofuel manufacturers. In our production processes, we can use such plant oils as: rapeseed, soy, palm oils, as well as oil mixtures in strictly defined proportions – according to the needs of our clients.

We offer both biocomponents intended e.g. for mixing with traditional Diesel fuels of petroleum origin, as well as biocomponents which can alone serve as fuel.

The offer of ORLEN Południe includes fuel oil obtained through the processing of highest quality components sourced in the atmospheric distillation of crude oils. The Company can also offer a wide assortment of products addressed at household applications intended for public buildings, small and medium companies, as well as for specialist installations and industrial facilities. Low sulfur content, high calorific value and low viscosity are the distinguishing features in particular categories (heavy, light) of ORLEN Południe fuel oils, from among similar products available on the European market.

The straight-run, atmospheric petroleum processing installation is also used to generate distillates constituting highest-quality finished products, as well as various intermediates valued on the market, which are further processed in specialist installations.

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