ORLEN Group 2015 Integrated Report now available online

The financial, production, human, intellectual, social and natural capitals form the basis for modern, non-standard presentation of the ORLEN Group’s operations in its 2015 Integrated Report, published today. Following very good reception of last year’s first edition of the Integrated Report, recognised in four categories of the Best Annual Report award, the scope of information reported this year was expanded to include non-financial activities of the ORLEN Group companies.

Published exclusively online in the Polish and English language versions, the report presents the ORLEN Group’s operations, business model, strategy, value creation process and financial performance from the perspective of its major stakeholder groups. The layout and content of the document are structured based on the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) guidelines and, as regards non-financial operations, on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. The report also reflects the latest directions in the EU legislation on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information.

Fundamental changes across all aspects of life, including communications, are a reason why businesses face ever-growing expectations in respect of reporting. Integrated reporting is a form of communication aligned with prevailing market trends, allowing readers to better understand how a company’s business model and strategy support its value creation process. In the Integrated Report, we also show how financial and non-financial aspects translate into business decisions and, as a result, the overall standing of the ORLEN Group - said Wojciech Jasiński, PKN ORLEN’s CEO.

In addition to a summary of 2015, the Integrated Report outlines the ORLEN Group’s future prospects. These are discussed in the section devoted to opportunities, risks and methods of managing them, as well as in market forecasts prepared by PKN ORLEN’s Chief Economist, available in the Outlook 2016+ tab.

The report features a number of interactive tools to enhance its functionality, such as KPIs by capitals, the business model, and a stakeholder map. It also features video clips with comments from PKN ORLEN Management Board members, data comparison tools, an interactive glossary, an online questionnaire which can be used to provide feedback on the report’s content and functionality, and also over 300 charts and tables.

It is fully compliant with current standards in usability and provides accessibility features for the visually impaired. The mobile version of the report can be conveniently displayed on virtually any device.

The Integrated Report is available at: www.raportzintegrowany2015.orlen.pl