ORLEN raises production in Płock

​PKN ORLEN has launched a metathesis plant in Płock, raising its propylene capacity by 100,000 tonnes to 550,000 tonnes annually. The Group is the sole propylene producer in Poland and a leading market player in Europe, holding over 50% of total propylene capacity in Central Europe.

“PKN ORLEN is consolidating its lead on the supply side of the propylene market. The new metathesis unit will increase the volume but also the quality of our product. I hope customers will appreciate that by choosing us as their supplier. Demand for petrochemical products is constantly growing, but customers in Europe have very high expectations. To remain a leader in this competitive market, we must fully exploit our potential and integrated assets,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

The metathesis unit produces polymer grade propylene. With the project, the nominal propylene capacity has been raised from 450,000 tonnes to 550,000 tonnes per year. The metathesis process is an unconventional method, not commonly used in Europe. Typically, propylene is obtained through steam cracking or catalytic cracking in refineries. As planned, PKN ORLEN is also expanding its propylene capacity in Lithuania. By the middle of this year, a PPF splitter will be commissioned at the refinery in Mažeikiai, adding another 80,000 tonnes of propylene.

The project was designed and built on a turn-key basis by Elektrobudowa S.A., a contractor company specialising in energy infrastructure. The contract also provided for technology and engineering consulting services. The metathesis plant was built based on a license purchased by the Group from Lummus Technology Inc. of the CB&I group. The total project budget was about PLN 400m.

Propylene and its derivatives are used in almost all fields of life today, including the construction, automotive, consumer electronics, home appliances and many other industries. Propylene is essential for the production of laboratory and medical equipment, cables, car parts, building facades and CDs.