PKN ORLEN – no disruption in fuel supplies to service stations

PKN ORLEN’s refinery in Płock operates in the normal course and its crude oil supplies are secured. Fuels sold at PKN ORLEN’s service stations meet all the quality requirements.

We would like to announce that the temporary suspension by PERN S.A. of REBCO oil supplies via the Druzhba Pipeline to PKN ORLEN’s Production Plant in Płock has not disrupted fuel supplies to PKN ORLEN service stations. In addition, PKN ORLEN is able to continue production as it has accumulated significant oil stocks and due to the consistent policy of diversifying crude oil supplies pursued by the Company’s Management Board.

Despite the suspension of REBCO supplies, the volume of crude oil processed by PKN ORLEN’s Production Plant in Płock has not changed. Until the supplies via the Druzhba Pipeline to the Production Plant in Płock are resumed, all of oil for the PKN ORLEN refinery will be purchased under the long-term contract with Saudi Aramco Oil Company and under spot contracts.

The oil will be shipped by sea to Gdańsk and then transmitted through an oil pipeline to Płock.

PKN ORLEN is prepared to source oil from alternative directions. Thanks to the ORLEN Group’s policy of diversifying sources of crude oil supplies, now almost 50% of oil purchased by PKN ORLEN’s Production Plant in Płock comes from countries other than Russia, that is from Norway, Angola, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

At present, there is no risk of having to cut down production due to the suspension of crude oil supplies via the Druzhba Pipeline.

The Company will report on any significant changes relating to this matter in subsequent announcements.