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Employees are our most important group of stakeholders. PKN ORLEN as the employer takes special care of those who contribute to the Company’s value and commit to it for long years. The care encompasses a whole range of activities connected with an employee’s life within the Company. The most important aspects, including the recruitment process, development opportunities and post-retirement contacts with the Company, are presented in more detail. It needs to be emphasised that all policies and procedures applied by PKN ORLEN are consistent with the Code of Ethics, and thus with various aspects of human rights. Responsibility for ensuring that employees are familiar with all policies and procedures rests with the superior (manager). At the Company, no activities were identified which carry a significant risk of being classified as forced or compulsory labour. No persons under age were employed either.

In 2008, PKN ORLEN was elected the Best Employer of 2007/2008, a title awarded in the “Career with Employer” National Ranking List. In addition, PKN ORLEN won two further distinctions for employers, namely “Attractive Employer”, awarded as part of the National Ranking List of Employers prepared by KOMPAS, as well as a distinction in the Universum Graduate Survey 2007, which entitles the Company to use the “Ideal Employer” logo.

ORLEN Group 2019 Integrated Report