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    For many years, our company has assisted in initiatives serving to protect people’s health and lives. It is our wish to give particular assistance
in saving people’s lives, especially in situations where it is only possible through the timely action of special rescue services of the kind that are so dependent on modern and efficient equipment. Because so many of our products are associated with fields like the auto industry, we want to especially support institutions and organizations whose role is to save the lives of accident victims and ensure road safety. We also offer assistance to units, which combat natural disasters, fires and other threats – any events that require the aid our rescue system in all its forms.

As an elastic and modern oil company, employing professionals with a broad array of skill sets, we are always looking to the future. We realize how important the development of knowledge, quality of education, and its accessibility are. Therefore, we assist in those cases when financial situation or other practical obstacles like learning disabilities seriously limit the development of skills and building of knowledge. In order to overcome or minimalize those hurdles, we finance initiatives which serve to help in education, including funding academic scholarships.

    We know how great the meaning of a proper learning environment is in personal development. That’s why we continue to support children and young people who are discovering their little worlds in family type
children’s type homes: in a safe, accepting, and loving environment. For many years that has been one of the primary programs of our ORLEN “A Gift From the Heart” Foundation, which we intend to carry on.

The charitable activities of the company revolve around the following priorities:


• Support for medical centres and institutions
• Support for professional and volunteer rescue services
• Support for organizations working to improve road safety


• Support for initiatives concerning education and science
• Support for talented young people
• Suppport for family type children’s type homes

In situations of particular necessity we may transfer our aid resources to other aims.

With concern for the environment in which we work, we also support our local partners, taking part in grant funds that represent an innovative form of co-operation, with the aim of combining our efforts and the financial contributions of local governments with the support of our company. As a good neighbour, we support these initiatives, taking into particular account the community of Płock – the home town of our company headquarters.

ORLEN Group 2019 Integrated Report