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Strona główna

In 2002 PKN ORLEN, together with the town of Płock and the United Nations Development Programme launched the “Forum for Płock” Cross-Sector Partnership project.

For many years, our company has assisted in initiatives serving to protect people’s health and lives. We are always looking to the future.

We are supporting cultural development and heritage protection initiatives, as well as environmental programmes  and sports.

Coffee suppliers to our Stop Cafe project comply with the rules of fair trade, whose objectives include eliminating the exploitation of plantation owners.

Our membership in specialist organisations is an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas and an opportunity to strengthen ORLEN’s image as a responsible partner.

We joined the Global Compact initiative in 2003 and commit ourselves to respect principles of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.

We create innovative solutions which are then implemented and applied at the Company, where they are evaluated and, if necessary, adjusted in order to maximise the benefits.