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Price of JET A-1 fuel


JET A-1 Posted Airport Price
IATA codeAirportprice in PLN / m3
WAWWarszawa-Okęcie2 700,00
KTWKatowice-Pyrzowice2 700,00
GDNGdańsk-Rębiechowo2 700,00
KRKKraków-Balice2 700,00
POZPoznań-Ławica2 700,00
WMIWarszawa-Modlin2 700,00
LCJŁódź-Lublinek2 700,00
BZGBydgoszcz-Szwederowo2 700,00
SZZSzczecin-Goleniów2 700,00
WA1Warszawa-Babice4 050,00
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The above prices are effective from 2021-09-14 and do not include VAT, excise tax and fuel charge.

The above prices include compulsory stock obligation (CSO) which constitute the costs arising from the Act of 16 February 2007 (as amended), on oil stocks, petroleum products and natural gas and the rules of conduct in emergency situations the fuel security of the state and market distortions petroleum.

Additional service charges

Service type

Net price in PLN


Aircraft defueling

agreed individually*

agreed individually*

Storage of the product and aircraft refueling after defueling


per m3

Aircraft Refuelling off-working business hours


per service

Uplift below 1 000 litres


per service

* To arrange the date and price of defueling please contact

The excise tax rate pursuant to the provisions of the Excise Tax Act of 6 December 2008 (Journal of Laws, 2019, item 864 as amended). The fuel charge rate pursuant to the provisions of the act of 27 October 1994 on paid highways and the National Road Fund (Journal of Laws, 2020, item 72) and the Announcement of the Minister of Infrastructure of 25 February 2020 (Official Gazette of the Government of the Republic of Poland, 2020, item 211).

In order to purchase fuel with 0% VAT rate, the following conditions must be met:

  • listing in the current register of air carriers operating for reward chiefly on international routes (published by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority or a local state administration authority).
  • if the register referred to above is not published in the country of the registered office of the carrier, and the Buyer is not included in the register published by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority, then the necessary condition for applying the 0% VAT rate is presenting the original official document confirming the registration of the carrier in the country of their registered office as performing international transport operations (e.g. in the form of concession, AOC certificate or another equivalent document granting license to perform international transport operations).

Please be informed that from February 12th, 2018 new internal regulations concerning JET A-1 uplifts to the tanker trucks were introduced:

  • KTW; KRK; WMI – only into-plane uplifts
  • WAW – into-plane uplifts; uplifts to the tanker trucks excluding the petrol cans, canisters, barrels, mauzer-type containers, etc.
  • BZG, GDN, LUB, LCJ, POZ, SZZ, WA1, – into-plane uplifts; uplifts to the tanker trucks and other containers which meet the fuel’s storage standards

Fuel collection may take place after 24 hours from the moment of confirmation by PKN Orlen.

Following the entry into force regulation on the CN codes, starting 16th January 2017, refuelling of the aviation fuel Jet A-1 to other capacity than aircraft tanks is possible only after an earlier presentation of the documents indicated below:

  • application for obtaining concession to trade liquid fuels / trade in liquid fuels from abroad in terms of trade of aviation fuel Jet A-1 with CN code 2710 19 21, or
  • concession to trade liquid fuels / trade in liquid fuels from abroad in terms of trade of aviation fuel Jet A-1 with CN code 2710 19 21, or
  • client`s signed statement of being a final recipient of liquid fuel stating that the client is not engaged in business activities consisting in liquid fuels trade in Poland (wording of the statement here).

Please be informed that from 1st September 2018 there will be no possibility to pay in cash in any of the airports.

We accept debit and credit cards: Master Card, VISA, VISA Electron, Diners Club, JCB and fuel cards: COLT, UVAIR, AEG, AML and at BZG, GDN, LCJ, POZ, SZZ, WA1, WMI airports also WFS fuel cards.

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