Frequently asked questions

Our program is focused on business implementation in cooperation with start’ups. It should be remembered that signing the acceleration agreement for each of the supported start’ups requires inclusion in the program to carry out a pilot service for real handling of operational conditions.

In addition, each star’tup receives access to substantive support provided by the project operator - a team with experience in the implementation of pilot projects for start’ups in a corporate environment.

The key objective of the ORLEN Skylight accelerator is to address the technological needs of individual business areas. This means that when preparing an application, the applicant should focus on how his solution or service can bring value - directly referring to the content of the technological needs.

It should be emphasized that the application via the form on the Accelerator's website is only the first step - it serves the initial verification of the adequacy of a given solution to the challenge assigned to it. Teams whose applications will be positively verified will receive an invitatztailed parameters required by ORLEN business owners.

The ORLEN Skylight accelerator is open to cooperation with companies from every geographical location. However, the specificity of the pilot implementation may require the start’up team to stay "on site". Logistics costs should be included in the pilot budget.

The Accelerator team will carry out an initial verification of the application within a few business days. You will receive a return message by e-mail. In case of positive verification, from the e-email you will find out also about more detailed information to provide which will be necessary to the evaluation (preparation of a value proposition in the form of a presentation).

The continuation of the process means consultations with the business owner. Best addressed projects to given technological needs, will be asked to present the solution to the Accelerator Steering Committee.

A positive recommendation from the Steering Committee will allow you to direct your pilot implementation proposal to a simplified purchasing procedure, finalizing by signing a pilot agreement.

Each of the pilot projects will be divided into milestones - each of them will end up with the delivery of a valuable for ORLEN product. We assume an incremental model (functionally and financially), which means that the first step may include, for example, an advanced functional analysis, then the next step will be the preparation of the base MVP, and the third will be the finalization of the pilot implementation on a demonstration scale. Subsequent tranches of remuneration are transferred after meeting a milestone.

This approach will allow us to jointly adapt the final demonstrator to the expectations of ORLEN business owners as well as limit the pilot implementation risk.

The nature of the pilot will depend on the specifics of a given business requirement. We prefer pilot implementation projects carried out within the scope of the infrastructure or data set indicated by ORLEN. When necessary we allow the use of start'up test infrastructure.

Any additional questions regarding the ORLEN Skylight accelerator can be directed to the e-mail address