We are looking for solutions to improve contactless and automated customer service. In particular, handling new payment methods (other than cash, card terminal and NFC). Functionality for verification of the customer's age of majority will be an additional asset.

We are looking for solutions to support the service of our customers across the entire spectrum of sales formats (including catering service, product dispensing, support at the dispenser).

We are looking for inspiration and solutions to exploit the potential of automation and robotics in the retail area.

We are looking for partners with whom we will expand our service portfolio with new items complementary to our existing offering. We are looking for solutions that can translate into high sales volumes or above-standard margins.

We are looking for a comprehensive system to build and operationalise a strategy for managing non-fuel product prices at a fuel station. Thanks to artificial intelligence and predictive models, the solution should dynamically shape prices in real time based on, among other things, demand, supply and seasonal trends. A target requirement will be integration with internal systems (including SAP and cash register systems).