About us

Modern station and customer of the future


We want a visit to the gas station to help our customers effectively relax, reduce stress levels, and regenerate energy in “green” natural area. We want to collaborate with companies that, through ecological and "green" solutions, will make our stations and their surroundings even more beneficial for drivers, passengers, and children - for example, in terms of absorbing smog or air pollutants using plants and technology.

We are looking for solutions in the field of robotics and AI that will accelerate customer service, increase sales, and improve operational capabilities at gas stations.

We care about the planet, our immediate surroundings, and our customers. We are looking for solutions related to ecology, including plastic elimination. We are also seeking innovative tools that will help us reduce energy consumption and other resources at gas stations.

Our gas stations are places where drivers and passengers can find a wide range of products and services, not necessarily related to refuelling. We are constantly working on expanding our offerings and seeking startups that will help us deliver additional value to customers.