11th call for applications to ORLEN Skylight Accelerator

In the 11th recruitment round, ORLEN is again calling for applications from technology start-ups from around the world to collaborate with on tackling a number of challenges concerned with safety, hydrogen technologies, sales, production and other processes. Applications may be submitted between 26 June and 28 July 2024 via a dedicated form.

ORLEN Skylight Accelerator is a corporate programme targeting technology start-ups from Poland and abroad interested in engaging with ORLEN Group companies to scale up and commercialise their innovative solutions. Present on the market for three years now, the Accelerator programme has already seen 10 recruitment rounds in which proposals were invited to address over 200 challenges.

Participating entities stand to gain a number of benefits, including:

  • opportunity to have their solutions tested under real-life operating conditions on the ORLEN Group’s infrastructure,
  • financing to cover the costs of pilot project preparation and implementation,
  • hands-on knowledge through the support of experts and mentors on how to develop, improve or adapt their solutions to specific operating conditions,
  • opportunity to scale up the business and real chance to further commercialise their solutions following pilot implementation.

The application form and all useful information about the recruitment rounds can be found in the Innovation section on orlen.pl.

Below is an illustrative list of technology challenges applicable in the current ORLEN Skylight Accelerator round:

  • System for acoustic monitoring and detecting excessive noise sources at the plant.
  • Leakage location solution for hydrogen and vacuum systems.
  • BMS solutions to reduce energy consumption in office buildings.
  • Solutions to automate the hot dog preparation process at service stations.
  • Utilisation of low-temperature waste heat to generate cooling.
  • Innovative anti-freeze solutions for process pipeline heating.
  • Technology for utilising nitrogen-rich gas to generate electricity or process steam.
  • AI-based management solutions to minimise losses in energy systems.
  • Drift eliminator for draft wet cooling towers.
  • Microplastics monitoring and detection system.
  • Innovative wastewater treatment methods.
  • Solution to check impurity levels in vegetable oil used in the fuel blending process.
  • Hydrogen innovations within the value chain.