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A system for infrastructure surveillance and monitoring. It uses a docking station, UAV devices and AI algorithms to effectively detect and identify security incidents.

A system using AI algorithms for automated security surveillance which analyses observed images and sends alerts in case of events.

A financial mechanism that enables employees to receive part of their salary early by using a tailored application.

A system using vertical take-off and landing UAVs to monitor transmission infrastructure, facilitating the collection of photogrammetric data.

Data Panel for predictive analysis of the operating time of a pyrolytic furnace between decoking processes.

A gamification platform for innovative training of employees which engages them in specially created task missions.

A multiple-use active seal for securing railway tanks used to carry dangerous and inflammable products.

A high-performance silicon carbide DC charger with an efficiency of up to 97%.

A wall-box charger for charging single-phase vehicles with one of the three selected phases on a single power connection.

A tool that uses AI algorithms in the process of turning videos and photos into one-page comic strips subsequently used for promotion and communication purposes.