About Us

Research and Development Centre

The Research and Development Centre has been established to meet the challenges of the ORLEN2030 strategy, including those posed by energy transition and intensive growth of the ORLEN Group. It is a place that welcomes new ideas, research and testing and supports the environment, harnessing the sun and wind to make green energy.

Our Centre offers a unique space where research projects can be carried out in the conditions rarely achievable in the academia. The Modelling and Pilot Plant, as its key part, enables flexible implementation of research plants for both, known and existing processes, as well as for new technologies which are only at the R&D stage.

All samples or products developed there can be analysed on site, in the Laboratory Complex, and with the use of modern engine test stands owned by the Centre.

The Centre, by offering space and infrastructure for development of pilot technological projects, is open to the world of science. This is where we can work together on the best ideas that have reached the limits of laboratory capabilities and need to be rescaled before they are implemented under real production conditions.