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Technology and Innovation Strategy

The Technology and Innovation Strategy comprehensively defines the vision, goals and directions of innovation development in ORLEN Capital Group in the 2030 horizon and, in a broader perspective, until 2050. Moreover, the document identifies technological gaps and level of ambition of the ORLEN Capital Group in terms of technology development in specific areas. The directions of technology and innovation development are described in 13 technology domains.

Hydrogen technologies

Expansion on the hydrogen market. Implementation of innovative solutions for the construction of hydrogen production and refueling infrastructure. Innovative solutions in the field of hydrogen refueling stations, zero- and low-emission hydrogen production technologies, the use of hydrogen to reduce CO2 emissions and the implementation of modern tools supporting the management of the hydrogen value chain.

Bio-based chemicals

Extending the value chain towards new products, reducing regulatory risk. Building expertise to select technologies and optimize of asset performance. Develop partnerships to reduce technology development risk.

Open Innovation

Using of ORLEN innovation ecosystem tools to develop partnerships with external technology partners to adapt innovations and decrease risk associated with technology development. Technology testing, development and implementation in cooperation with startups within ORLEN Skyligt Accelerator and ORLEN VC fund activity.

Efficient and low-carbon energy generation

Securing low-carbon sources of electricity and heat, and extending the energy value chain.

Efficient refining

Applying efficient crude processing technologies to high-margin products.

Advanced petrochemicals and new generation materials

Addition of high-margin chemical products to the value chain and expansion into new, fast-growing markets related to the Group’s core business.

Modern customer and service station of the future

Adapting the retail station and wholesale business model to meet changing customer needs. Leveraging technologies to offer additional products and services to customers.

Fertilizer business expansion

Expanding the fertilizer portfolio and leveraging technologies to expand the mix of cutting-edge products and services, such as precise fertilizer application.

Modern upstream business


Optimising the development of deposits, ramping up production, and cutting production costs while maintaining high OHS and environmental protection standards.



Clean energy generation

Supporting business units in the selection, testing and implementation of clean energy generation technologies. Implementation of projects to optimize the use of green energy generation assets.

Circular solutions

Build expertise to support selection of technologies for mechanical and chemical recycling and optimize processes for existing assets.

Emission reduction pathways

Focus on existing and commercial technologies and their adaptation to business needs.

Biofuels and derivatives

Developing of advanced biofuels, biomass processing, know-how development and optimization of technology in liquid biofuels and biomethane production.