PKN ORLEN implements innovation

​PKN ORLEN is actively involved in collaborative projects with Polish start-ups with a view to acquiring innovative technologies. Thanks to its participation in Pilot Maker Electro ScaleUp, an acceleration programme run under an agreement of September 2018 with techBrainers, PKN ORLEN is commencing tests of a solution designed to optimise the charging of electric vehicles.

“Acceleration programmes allow us to combine the potential of start-ups with the experience, infrastructure and resources of PKN ORLEN. In the acceleration process, we pilot selected innovative solutions developed by start-up businesses, which can be implemented on a wider scale if the pilot phase is successful. I am happy that it only took a single round of the Pilot Maker Electro project to select the start-up that will develop a power engineering solution tailored to our needs,” said Patrycja Panasiuk, Head of the Innovation Office at PKN ORLEN.

Acceleration programmes are an opportunity to learn about innovative solutions offered by start-ups and test such solutions not only in a laboratory environment, but also on PKN ORLEN’s infrastructure. The adoption of such a model significantly facilitates cooperation with start-ups on a commercial basis.

Under Pilot Maker Electro ScaleUp, PKN ORLEN has partnered with Enelion, a Polish manufacturer of EV chargers and dedicated software. The pilot will involve development of a series of test devices along with software making it possible to switch between the power supply phases. The system would enhance the efficiency of multipoint charger networks, benefitting both the charger network operator and end users. Based on measurement of their current loads and selected limit values, the stations would switch the phases of power supply to best utilise the connection, which would increase power usage and shorten charging times.

In a continued effort to source innovations externally, PKN ORLEN has joined its second acceleration programme – Space3ac ScaleUp II. The relevant agreement was signed in February 2019 with Blue Dot Solutions. It will involve partnership with selected start-ups to implement innovative solutions in retail sales, production, logistics and environment protection.

In addition to benefits derived from access to innovative solutions developed by start-ups, acceleration programmes help foster a culture of innovation, which can be a breeding ground of innovative ideas across all segments of ORLEN’s business. Such an approach enables the organisation to set up mechanisms and procedures for acquiring external innovations and accelerates their deployment within the business.