About the company


Powering the future. Sustainably.

This credo marks the main goal of ORLEN Group – equitable and sustainable energy transition. We are aware, that it cannot be achieved without open dialogue and accountability towards all stakeholder groups. Thus deep understanding and effective response to the needs of our environment are the key pillars of our development in a long-term perspective, addressed in ORLEN2030 strategy. Our key actions towards society, environment protection and climate change counteraction, are classified in accordance with UN The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Clean and accessible energy

We pursue our leadership position in energy transition actions in Central Europe, as the provider of the biggest portfolio of low- and emission-free energy resources. We aim to reduce emissions in power generation by 33% CO2/MWh by 2030, as a part of our carbon neutrality strategy.

Sustainable cities and communities

We fund grants and scholarships for the members of local communities. We support actions leading to reduce social inequalities and provide wider access to public healthcare. We monitor air quality in the city, where our biggest production plant operates, by providing the process heat to the municipality and investing in city bikes network. 

Our company invests in the technologies of storage, transport and distribution of hydrogen. As a part of our hydrogen development strategy ORLEN signed letters of intent with multiple municipalities, such as Płock, Poznań, Kraków and Metropolia Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska for the development of emission-free hydrogen public transport.

Innovations, industry, infrastructure

ORLEN Group’s strategic research agenda determines our actions regarding innovation. We scout start-ups within our own ORLEN Skylight accelerator and co-operate with external acceleration networks. Digitalisation is an essential part of our transformation, it enhances the production and distribution efficiency, reduces carbon footprint and builds relationships with customers. We establish research and development centers in Poland and the Czech Republic and partner with academia. The investments cover, among others, biofuels technology, modern petrochemicals, carbon dioxide capture and utilization technologies and pyrolysis. 

Responsible consumption and production

We cooperate with local suppliers and participate at educational campaigns on responsible consumption. We are the biggest Polish retailer of FairTrade goods. 

By building the network of 1000 fast EV chargers and developing hydrogen fuels, LNG and CNG sales, we increase the accessibility of alternative fuels on ORLEN service stations. More than 2000 food service Stop Cafe and Star Connect points operate within ORLEN retail network, serving eco-friendly house-brand products, followed by a wide offer of healthy food.

Climate protection actions

ORLEN, as the first company in Central Europe, declared a target of reaching emission neutrality until 2050. In order to achieve it, we will reduce CO2 emissions by 20% on existing refinery and petrochemical assets and by 33% CO2/MWh on power generation assets. Our emission neutrality strategy is based on four pillars: energy efficiency in production, renewable power generation, new mobility and green financing. We will invest approximately PLN 30 bn in investments in sustainable development, including new business models. 

Besides sustainable investments, counteracting climate change and reducing our impact on the environment, we conduct educational projects, support endangered species protection, while our volunteers support ecosystem protection proactively.