Group apprenticeship and diploma theses at ORLEN

Group apprenticeship and diploma theses are carried out based on agreements with universities. We run apprenticeships for groups such as technical school and university students. Group apprenticeships take place in Płock, at the petrochemical and refinery plants, the heat and power plant and in non-production areas, as well as in Warsaw.

What will you gain?

Internship and apprenticeship programs are an opportunity to test yourself under the guidance of our experts. Thanks to such form of work, you can come into contact with an innovative industry that covers both the engineering — including energy, chemical and petrochemical — and the business sector. This means that you gain access to professional know-how, advanced technologies, and can work on innovative projects — often unavailable anywhere else!

01. Engineering knowledge

02. A possibility to work alongside professionals

03. Mentroing

04. The perspectives for your future

Opinions from the participants

For me, a friendly atmosphere in the department was one of the many positive aspects. I was able to see the work of the young, dynamic team closely, and feel that I was a part of it. I am glad that, while being an apprentice at the company, I had the opportunity to support my colleagues during an important project. I saw that my job made sense, and I liked it.

Małgorzata Intern

The most interesting thing about my work was the variety of technologies used in the department. Basically, each and every element from the university was applied there. Thanks to an apprenticeship after the first year of university, I already know where I should pay attention in my further studies.

Łukasz Intern