Michał Kos

My task is to show how much we — as ORLEN —are present in people's lives, even if they do not realize it.

Not everyone knows that when they go on holiday, their plane is most likely flying thanks to ORLEN's fuel. Or that when they land, even in such a remote corner of the world as the Samoan Islands, they will be walking on asphalt made by ORLEN.


Ewelina Rudowska

When I carry out interesting tasks, I can constantly improve and implement many unique projects that give me the opportunity to develop and gain more and more knowledge.
I also value inter-department cooperation; it contributes to the fact that we pursue a common goal, which we can see directly reflected in the numbers.


Cezary Leleń

I started my professional experience with a six-month internship under the internship program "Kierunek ORLEN".
I proved myself and was hired for the team. The most important moment for me as a young employee was the day I signed a unit inspection report for the first time.


Jacek Balcerzak

I am a Specialist at the Petrochemical Training Centre. I act as a trainer for newly hired production workers, i.e.
I am responsible for adaptation and preparation for work on installations, apparatuses, and devices. I have 28 years of professional experience.


Grzegorz Bujnowski

My job is trading in natural gas. We are a direct participant of the Towarowa Giełda Energii (TGE).
I lead the team responsible for the purchase and sale of gas on commodity exchanges in Poland and abroad and to our major retail and wholesale customers.


Arkadiusz Ciesielski

Communication and cooperation within local communities means building relationships and involving social partners in many undertakings beneficial to improving the lives of the residents of Płock and the surrounding area. It ranges from social welfare, through education and culture, to ecology or sport.


Małgorzata Niemiec

I am an Expert at the Innovation Bureau and I implement projects involving cooperation with start-ups.
Innovative solutions prepared by young people can contribute to strengthening the safety of the Płock Production Plant or expand the offer of employee benefits.


Monika Podkowińska

In today's times of fierce competition and rapid technological changes, in addition to the traditional measures of project success (scope — time — budget), it is the business benefits (tangible and intangible) resulting from the project that count.


Monika Popławska

I came to ORLEN right after graduating from economics. I started in the Wholesale Area Fuel Sales team from the lowest position, performing simple tasks and activities, finally reaching the present Expert position.


Karolina Szczawińska

I provide assistant support to dozens of people in the Real Estate Investment Realization Office. In the past, I decided that in order to grow professionally, I should try my hand at a new role and new responsibilities. I applied for an administrative position at ORLEN, and I am glad that my potential has been noticed and that I have been given the opportunity to gain professional experience in an interesting area.

Łukasz Stańczak

I started my career in the ORLEN Group from the position of Apparatus, which is currently Operator.
Over the course of several years, I got to know the Production Plant, participated in the acceptance of several production installations, and after gaining knowledge and experience in the field of health and safety, I participated in several interesting international projects.