If you want to wisely manage your career, choose one of the best employers in Poland. An internship or apprenticeship at ORLEN is the right place to start your professional career.

Daria Duś



I am an intern at the Central Laboratory in the Oil Processing Departmet. While on the internship, I am learning different analytic techniques that are used while studying liquid fuels, and the results evaluation criteria. I am dealing with samples obtained from fuel terminals and learning how to prepare simulation mixtures from the obtained components.


Julia Gawryś



I do my internship in the Chemical Additive Purchasing Team, where I participate in purchasing processes, obtaining offers, negotiating processes and in direct cooperation with many business partners from Płock and Włocławek, as well as contractors from around the world.


Adrian Sidorek



I am an intern at the Environmental Protection Office. I support the team in conducting environmental education and environmental information management. I keep environmental databases and update the Environmental Protection Instructions.



Aleksandra Lendzion



I am a trainee at the Olefins Production Intensification Office. In addition to taking part in project work, I support the team in developing documentation, preparing technical analyses, and commercial negotiations.

Dawid Marek



I am doing an internship at the Department of Health and Safety and Coordination of Prevention at the Capital Group. During the internship, together with the employees of the OHS service, I carry out any currently needed tasks by participating in thematic inspections and advisory visits to installations, during which we verify the state of safety in the areas of investment projects.


Piotr Witkowski



I am an intern at the Office of Water and Wastewater Management (Biuro Gospodarki Wodno-Ściekowej), where I am dealing with modernization projects aimed at improving energy efficiency. These projects are about making changes and improvements in hardware and infrastructure, thanks to which, among others, there is a reduction in primary energy consumption in the production process, which translates into the reduction of pollutants released into the atmosphere, and lowers production costs.


Dawid Pogodziński



I am an intern at the Repair Department of Rotating Machines — ORLEN Serwis in Włocławek. I deal with reverse engineering, i.e. measurements of elements included in given devices and preparation of technical documentation. Thanks to the technical drawings I make, people working at the workshop can produce a new part to replace the worn part. 


Beata Kovalcuk



I am an intern at the Intellectual Property Department, where daily I prepare letters as a part of pending administrative proceedings, monitor trademark applications to identify whether there is a conflict with ORLEN trademarks, and analyze the current jurisprudence and views of the doctrine.



Ewelina Ogieniewska



I am an intern in the Oil and Compulsory Stock Logistics Team. I take part in tasks related to the logistics of crude oil delivery to the Production Plant in Płock by sea, mainly from the Persian Gulf region, as well as by land from the east via the "Przyjaźń" pipeline. I support the team in operational tasks related to oil deliveries to Poland and in the field of customs clearance of cargo and other legal issues.